Photo Friday – Salento

Valle de Cocora, Salento, Colombia

This week, my Photo Friday comes from the incredible Valle de Cocora in Salento, my favourite stop in Colombia. The scenery was a bizarre contrast between English countryside and a Caribbean coastline, with fields of cows, rolling green hills and valleys, and these towering, spindly palm trees lost in the low, grey clouds. By the end of our five hour hike, the skies were grey and it was pouring with heavy, tropical rain, but somehow that only seemed to make the landscape even more dramatic.

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Emily Luxton is an award-winning travel blogger and writer with a special love for South America - her favourite continent and second home. A lover of slow, deep travel and really interacting with new cultures, she travels as often as possible on the hunt for new adventures.


  1. Wasn’t that an incredible place? I have also been there and I could not believe what I was seeing!!

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