Photo Friday – Llama

Llama, Bolivia

Photo Friday this week is a South American classic, a lovely portrait of a llama I took in Bolivia whilst I was taking the four day tour from Tupiza to Uyuni. Anyone whose been to South America, especially Peru or Bolivia, is bound to have at least one (and probably nearer hundreds) of photos of the various camelids that can be spotted absolutely everywhere –  they’re just so iconic and they make really easy portraits given that they like nothing more than to stand completely still!

Challenge time – who can spot the difference between a llama and an alpaca?

If you have a great photo from South America, send it to to see it featured in Photo Friday. 

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Emily Luxton is an award-winning travel blogger and writer with a special love for South America - her favourite continent and second home. A lover of slow, deep travel and really interacting with new cultures, she travels as often as possible on the hunt for new adventures.

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