Tips for travel blogging in South America

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You may be thinking about starting a travel blog as a means of keeping your friends and family updated on your progress, but as you start writing, you may find your motives changing. Travel blogs have become hugely popular as a great way of reaching new people who have the same interests as yourself, and you never know, you may even be able to make money from your travel writing, especially if you are traveling in a region such as South America that is not being written about a great deal.

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How to start a travel blog

The first thing you want to do is find a good host for your blog. There are several free hosting companies, but if you want something that is a little more reliable and has professional technical support when you need it, you are better off going with a paid service. 

You have chosen your host; now you need a good name, one that grabs attention immediately. The travel blogging community is huge, so you will want to avoid certain over-used words and choose something that explains what your blog is all about and that will still represent you, should you change the type of traveling you undertake. Once you have your host and domain name, you need to choose a blogging platform.

Do not expect blogging success straight away. People have to find you to read your blog, so you need to work hard to get it noticed by search engines. It is a good idea to join Travel Blog Success, a community of travel bloggers, and highlight your South American travels. In the beginning, you will need to blog regularly – ideally every day. This will help to increase your chances of being found in search engine results and also help you establish a tone of voice for your blog and enable you to find out which subjects your readers like best. It can be a good idea to blog about things that are only pertinent to South America as this will give your readers new and interesting information. You can measure the success of your blog by installing Google Analytics, a data-tracking tool. Once you have a decent footing on the web, you may be able to decrease the number of your posts.

Starting a travel blog is a great way to share your passion for travel, connect with complete strangers who may become friends, and perhaps also earn a little money.

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Emily Luxton is an award-winning travel blogger and writer with a special love for South America - her favourite continent and second home. A lover of slow, deep travel and really interacting with new cultures, she travels as often as possible on the hunt for new adventures.

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