5 Road Trips Every Traveller Should Try in the Americas

Who doesn’t love a road trip with some of their best buds? Both North and South America are famous for these, so today we’re going to take a look at five of the best to try.

1. Death Road – Bolivia

While the name might not sound too appealing, Death Road is in reality a fantastic tourist spot – even if it is a little scary for anyone who suffers from vertigo.

Ruta de la muerte entre La Paz y Coroico, Bolivia.

The road winds down from a staggering 9,800 feet, traversing in a spiral deep into the heart of the Bolivian portion of the rainforest.

What makes the trail so deadly is the fact that despite the immense height at certain points of the journey, there are no barriers separating you from a gargantuan drop.

Thankfully only tourists use this road now, so it isn’t too busy (allowing you to both soak in the views and keep steady on the treacherous path).

2. California’s Pacific Highway 1 – USA

If you’re looking for a leisurely 5-hour drive along one of the most aesthetically pleasing roads in North America, try a scenic drive on California’s Pacific Highway 1.

The Secret Cove

The route lasts for roughly 147 miles and encompasses a host of locales, including the heavily Spanish influenced Monterey (the first port of call on the journey) and Carmel-by-the-sea – a quaint village filled with cottages.

There are several other landmarks of immense natural beauty which pop up throughout the journey, with Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and Garrapata State Park the primary spots for nature lovers.

3. Wetlands of the Pantanal – Brazil

This road in Brazil is one of the best when it comes to spotting wildlife. The wetlands have more than 120 types of mammals, 100 reptiles, 250 breeds of fish and a staggering 600 birds – Pokémon Go, eat your heart out.

Motorbike on the Transpantaneira

If you’ve a penchant for animals this is naturally a fantastic location, with wildlife popping up at all times along the trail.

The Transpantaneira also offers a taste of something different. This unpaved road crosses over as many as 120 bridges as you head down towards Porto Jofre.

Venturing further into the Pantanal is also allowed (with permission), with guest houses offered in the Estrada Parque for anyone wanting to really extend their road trip.

4. Route 66 – USA

It wouldn’t be right to draw up a list of the best road trips in the Americas without mentioning Route 66. The current path runs from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles, spanning across five states.

Thirty Years of Tears

Along the journey you’ll find a plethora of amazing points of interests, from the bizarre Cadillac range to a totem pole park and even a museum dedicated solely to gas stations.

The route also encompasses hundreds of miles of amazing scenery, with Grant Park – where Barack Obama gave his inauguration speech – kicking the whole thing off.

5. Carretera Austral – Chile

This 600-mile road is the only one which connects the north and the south sides of Chile – making it a real commitment once you’re on it, with no side roads to turn down and head back on.


It’s without question worth taking a large stock of food, as well as extra supplies of gas, with there being very few places to stop along the route.

It’s well worth the extra hassle though, with inspiring scenery and a range of wildlife activity keeping you constantly entertained.

These are just five of the best locations in the Americas for road trips. Get behind the wheel of a car today and find even more gems.

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