Activities In Indonesia For Every Kind of Traveller

Everyone has their own recommendations. Maybe a friend of a friend visited Indonesia. Or your boss. Or a co-worker. Or maybe you are looking online for some recommendations of which attractions to visit and which ones to skip. This can be extremely helpful. There is a ton to see and do in Indonesia. Regardless of the city or town you are visiting. To maximize your vacation? Forget the outside voices. Start thinking about what you want. Consider your travel style. The kinds of activities that equal an unforgettable vacation. If you need a jumping off point…. here it is. These activities in Indonesia are suited to different travel types. Find the one that best represents your personality and your dream getaway.


For The Traveller Who Wants To Get Away From It All. Honestly? Everyday life can be pretty tough. There is always a lot going on. Regardless of whether that has to do with work, your home life, or something else entirely. So it stands to reason that many travellers just want to relax. If relaxation is calling you then be sure to stay at Grha Ciumbuleuit Guest House. (And don’t forget to look into Bandung hotel deals to save money on your trip.) Or another luxurious resort. The key is to find accommodations that allow you to feel pampered. Maybe it has a swimming pool, spa services, a hotel bar, or a view that leaves you speechless. Find a place to relax and call it your own.

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For The Traveller Who Loves To Experience Nature. Nature lovers have every reason to fall in love with Indonesia. The landscapes are one of a kind. There are volcanoes (about 150 in the country), as well as mountains, rolling hills, blue water, white sand and forested areas. If that isn’t enough to make you happy? Nothing is. Take this opportunity to explore. Walk through the city or take a day trip to one of the nearby parks. With so much natural beauty to inspire you? Indonesia will feel like paradise.

For The Traveller Who Is Into Architectural Design. There is more than one reason to spend time in Indonesia. Still searching for yours? Consider the architecture. There are a wealth of different influences in the buildings and temples. Some are Javanese while others have traits that date back to the Dutch colonialism. Walk around and keep your eyes peeled. There are plenty of noteworthy buildings to see – in each and every Indonesian city.

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For The Traveller Who Wants To Have Some Fun. Something to remember? There is no right or wrong way to spend your vacation. Some people want to sit back and unwind. Others like to see and do. But maybe you want to have a little fun. You can. Especially in Indonesia! There are family parks and theme parks (like Ancol Dreamland, Trans Studio Bandung, and Dunia Fantasi), water parks (like Waterbom Bali and SnowBay Water Park), as well as places to go shopping (like the factory outlets and Grand Indonesia). However you choose to have fun? Your Indonesian vacation will be incredible.

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