Emily Luxton is an award-winning travel blogger and writer with a special love for South America - her favourite continent and second home. A lover of slow, deep travel and really interacting with new cultures, she travels as often as possible on the hunt for new adventures.

Gambling Around the World

Fantastic news, everyone. I won the lottery! Well, actually, I won four whole English pounds on a scratchcard yesterday, so it’s not likely that I’ll be jetting off on a five start round the world trip any time soon. But, £4 is still £4, and every little helps as they…

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Seven items you shouldn’t go backpacking without

Passport – check. Cash – check. Credit & debit cards – check, check. Visas – check. Travel insurance – check. Now that the essentials are covered, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack. It’s so easy to over pack for your trip, but trust me, the last thing…

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5 Tips To Avoid Getting Food Poisoning on Holiday

Getting a bout of food poisoning is a sure way of ruining your holiday – especially when it can be avoided. Most illnesses abroad will be water or food-borne. To reduce the risks, you’ve got to be quite strict with your food hygiene. It’s easy to take the standards we…

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Three Amazing Fishing Vacation Spots in South America

Have you ever had a fishing vacation as a backpacker? Latin America has a lot of amazing bodies of water covering extensive sections of lakes and rivers. While most of the waters of Northern America are in danger of overfishing, South American lakes and rivers remain fairly unharmed. Fly fishing…

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Five Ways to Save Money for Travel

Planning an epic, long term trip to South America – or indeed the rest of the world? Depending on your travel style and how long you intend to travel for, you’ll probably need to save a significant amount of money. I saved about £5000 in 6 months for my South…

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Tips for travel blogging in South America

You may be thinking about starting a travel blog as a means of keeping your friends and family updated on your progress, but as you start writing, you may find your motives changing. Travel blogs have become hugely popular as a great way of reaching new people who have the…

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Video: Star Jumping South America

This amazing video was made by Wade and Sarah, the lovely travelling couple behind wadeandsarah.com. Check it out for some serious South America travel inspiration, and comment here to let us know what you think! People often ask us… “Why would you quit your jobs and pack up your life,…

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Photo Friday – Hiking in Santa Cruz, Argentina

Backpackers hiking in Patagonia

The spirit of Backpacking – by Sathish J I cannot pin one reason as a sole motivation to backpack. It is because we yearn to get out of the physical world, get out of all the manifestations of mechanical life that seek to bind us to the ordinary, get out of the mundaneness…

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