Photo Friday – Uyuni Train Cemetery, Bolivia

Today’s Photo Friday comes from the city of Uyuni in Bolivia. On the outskirts of town, in this grey desert wasteland, is a huge train cemetery filled with rusting relics of Uyuni’s glory days as a transport hub. Now, the warped metals and graffiti-strewn rusted engines make an adventurous playground,…

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Photo Friday – Cholitas, La Paz

This week’s Photo Friday was taken in La Paz, Bolivia, on 1st May – which was labour day. The whole plaza was overrun with people, flags, banners, and food stalls – and around the edge of the plaza huge groups of workers had gathered to demonstrate. There were also huge groups…

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Photo Friday – Abandoned Bus, Sucre

I took this landscape photo just outside of Sucre, on the way to the Siete Cascadas. It was a gorgeous afternoon, with this perfect blue sky spread above the fields of yellow-green quinoa and corn stalks. When I spotted this abandoned, rusting bus in the distance outside a farmhouse, it seemed…

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Photo Friday – Potosí

Today’s Photo Friday was taken in Potosí, a mining town in Southern Bolivia which, at a nominal 4,090m above sea level, is one of the highest cities in the world. It was also once one of the wealthiest cities in the world, thanks to a booming silver mine, but since the mine ran…

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Photo Friday – Bolivia Chile Border

Today’s Photo Friday comes from the Bolivia/Chile border. As we crossed over from Bolivia to Chile, we stopped to swap buses in between the two borders, which are actually a few minute’s drive apart. We stopped right by this sign next to the train track, in a rubble-strewn desert which…

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YQA: How to ‘Do’ Bolivia in Two Weeks

Your Questions Answered: Diana got in touch to ask how much she could feasibly see in Bolivia in two weeks, so we put together a sample itinerary for her, with hostel recommendations and suggestions for how long to stop in each place.

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Photo Friday – Girls Gossiping, Sucre

I snapped this street portrait of two girls gossiping on a bench in Parque Bolivar, Sucre. I love the frame created by their bodies, and the fact that whatever the girl on the left had to share was so secret she hid her face to tell it! If you have…

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Learning Spanish in South America: Bolivia

A little bit of Spanish goes a very long way in South America – where in most countries almost no one speaks English, even in hotels and at tourist attractions. Travelling this continent will be extremely tough if you don’t make at least some effort to learn the local language, and…

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Photo Friday – Llama

Llama, Bolivia

Photo Friday this week is a South American classic, a lovely portrait of a llama I took in Bolivia whilst I was taking the four day tour from Tupiza to Uyuni. Anyone whose been to South America, especially Peru or Bolivia, is bound to have at least one (and probably nearer hundreds) of photos of the various camelids that can be spotted absolutely everywhere –  they’re just so iconic and they make really easy portraits given that they like nothing more than to stand completely still!

Challenge time – who can spot the difference between a llama and an alpaca?

If you have a great photo from South America, send it to to see it featured in Photo Friday. 

Photo Friday – Dinosaur Footprint, Torotoro

Today’s Photo Friday was taken in one of my favourite parts of Bolivia – the beautiful and fascinating Torotoro national park. Among stunning landscapes and dark caves, we also saw hundreds of dinosaur footprints, left behind during some mass migration from one side of the continent to the other. This…

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Photo Friday – Salar de Uyuni

Photo Friday is a concept I’ve borrowed from my other blog, To make Backpack South America a little more colourful, I thought I’d publish one of my favourite photos from my five month South America trip every Friday. If you have a great photo from South America, send it…

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