Video: Star Jumping South America

This amazing video was made by Wade and Sarah, the lovely travelling couple behind Check it out for some serious South America travel inspiration, and comment here to let us know what you think! People often ask us… “Why would you quit your jobs and pack up your life,…

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Top Five Things To Do in Ecuador

Ecuador is home to many things including active volcanoes, cool animals, beautiful weather due to the equator location, planetariums and much more. Thanks to being the home of the center of the world, you’ll be able to experience warm weather, hot sun all topped off with a tropical breeze. Take…

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Where To Be, When: Top South American Events

Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia

Planning a trip to South America this year? Wherever and whenever you go, you’re sure to come across at least one festival or national holiday: this is a continent that loves a party, and the bigger the better! Here at Backpack South America, we’ve put together a list of fourteen of…

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YQA – Is Colombia Safe?

Your Questions Answered: Melody got in touch to ask “Is Colombia Safe?” and we gave her a pretty long answer – with crime figures and official government advice, plus input from fellow travellers based on real-life experiences.

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Destination Guide: National Park El Cajas, Ecuador

National Park El Cajas, Ecuador

Hello there, I’m Olga! I was born and raised in post-soviet Latvia and now I live in Ecuador as an expat. In my blog The Russian Abroad I write about my travel experiences around Ecuador and the whole world. Let me tell you about this one time I went to…

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