Photo Friday – Machu Picchu

Today’s Photo Friday needs no introduction as it’s probably the most famous destination in South America; the iconic Machu Picchu! If you have a great photo from South America, send it to to see it featured in Photo Friday. 

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Hostel Review: Lima Backpackers

Your home away from home: Lima Backpackers (Lima, Peru)  Lima, the amazing capital of Peru can be an exhausting city. With its 12 million people, constant traffic jams and cars’ horns and its bustling activity, it can easily get overwhelming. There are plenty of hostels one may stay at in town, and most backpackers pick the area of…

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Inca Jungle Trek Guide – What to Expect

Perhaps the most iconic site in all of South America, certainly the most visited and well-known destination in Peru, Machu Picchu is on many backpackers’ Bucket Lists and is, quite simply, a must-see. The ruined Inca City, set amongst the towering green peaks of the Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu mountains,…

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Photo Friday – Hike to Aguas Calientes

The hike along the railway tracks from the Hydro Electrico to Aguas Calientes is an iconic part of the journey to Machu Picchu. Whether you’re making your own way there by train and bus to the plant and finishing the journey on foot, or whether you’re completing the third day…

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Inca Jungle Trek Packing List

For those of us that maybe aren’t quite fit enough to take on the most popular of the treks to Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, or who simply didn’t book it early enough (the trek is now so popular that you need to book at least five months in advance),…

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The Ultimate Inca Trail Packing List

Hiking the Inca Trail was something I’d wanted to do since I was a kid. Now that I’ve actually hiked and camped one of the best trails in the world, I can safely say it was one of my top five travel highlights ever. Before I left the UK, I…

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Photo Friday – Sea Lion

I snapped this shot of a gorgeous female sea lion whilst on a boat tour of the Ballestas Islands in Paracas. Peru’s “answer to the Galapagos”, the islands are home to over 4000 sea lions, as well as huge flocks of various sea birds including pelicans. Thanks to the choppy…

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Photo Friday… Jaguar

Jaguar, Quistococha

I took this shot of a jaguar in captivity in a zoo which was, somewhat bizarrely, right in the middle of the Amazon. Quistococha is a small zoo on the outskirts of Amazonia city Iquitos, skirting a beautiful lake, which was almost completely empty when I visited. I hovered outside the jaguar cage with my camera for ages, waiting for the right moment, and finally this gorgeous cat looked up and made eye contact with me for a moment, giving me the perfect portrait.

If you have a great photo from South America, send it to to see it featured in Photo Friday. 

How To Get from Colombia to Peru on the Amazon

Most people travelling overland from Colombia will probably take the very long-winded bus route into Ecuador, and travel into Peru from there. But for those looking for something a bit more adventurous, or who simply want to head straight into Peru, there is another option. It is possible to sail from…

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Photo Friday – Father and Son at Machu Picchu

This week’s Photo Friday is one of my absolute favourite shots from Machu Picchu. As we were exploring the ruins, I spotted this lovely father and son in traditional clothes looking at the view together, and had to snap a quick photo. I love the bright colours and geometric patterns…

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Review – Peru Hop

Peru Hop are Peru’s first hop on, hop off bus company providing great transport between Lima and Cusco with some awesome stop overs on the way! A really good way to meet other backpackers and have fun while travelling through Peru. FYI – Peru Hop didn’t commission this write up –…

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