Photo Friday – Llama

Llama, Bolivia

Photo Friday this week is a South American classic, a lovely portrait of a llama I took in Bolivia whilst I was taking the four day tour from Tupiza to Uyuni. Anyone whose been to South America, especially Peru or Bolivia, is bound to have at least one (and probably nearer hundreds) of photos of the various camelids that can be spotted absolutely everywhere –  they’re just so iconic and they make really easy portraits given that they like nothing more than to stand completely still!

Challenge time – who can spot the difference between a llama and an alpaca?

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Photo Friday – Hike to Aguas Calientes

The hike along the railway tracks from the Hydro Electrico to Aguas Calientes is an iconic part of the journey to Machu Picchu. Whether you’re making your own way there by train and bus to the plant and finishing the journey on foot, or whether you’re completing the third day…

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Photo Friday – Salento

This week, my Photo Friday comes from the incredible Valle de Cocora in Salento, my favourite stop in Colombia. The scenery was a bizarre contrast between English countryside and a Caribbean coastline, with fields of cows, rolling green hills and valleys, and these towering, spindly palm trees lost in the…

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Photo Friday – Sea Lion

I snapped this shot of a gorgeous female sea lion whilst on a boat tour of the Ballestas Islands in Paracas. Peru’s “answer to the Galapagos”, the islands are home to over 4000 sea lions, as well as huge flocks of various sea birds including pelicans. Thanks to the choppy…

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Photo Friday – Window in Rio

  This week’s Photo Friday is a street portrait I snapped in Rio de Janeiro one morning. We were visiting the Selaron Staircase at about 8am, before it was full of tourists, and I glanced up to spot this elderly lady peeping out between the shutters. The faded pastel colours and…

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Photo Friday… Jaguar

Jaguar, Quistococha

I took this shot of a jaguar in captivity in a zoo which was, somewhat bizarrely, right in the middle of the Amazon. Quistococha is a small zoo on the outskirts of Amazonia city Iquitos, skirting a beautiful lake, which was almost completely empty when I visited. I hovered outside the jaguar cage with my camera for ages, waiting for the right moment, and finally this gorgeous cat looked up and made eye contact with me for a moment, giving me the perfect portrait.

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Photo Friday… World Cup Mural in Rio

I spotted this huge mural in the Santa Teresa district of Rio’s centre. This artistict and vibrant neighbourhood has long been campaigning for the reopening of their Bonde, Rio’s last surviving tram system which ran from Lapa to Santa Teresa until it was closed in 2012 following an accident. The…

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Photo Friday – Dinosaur Footprint, Torotoro

Today’s Photo Friday was taken in one of my favourite parts of Bolivia – the beautiful and fascinating Torotoro national park. Among stunning landscapes and dark caves, we also saw hundreds of dinosaur footprints, left behind during some mass migration from one side of the continent to the other. This…

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Photo Friday – Father and Son at Machu Picchu

This week’s Photo Friday is one of my absolute favourite shots from Machu Picchu. As we were exploring the ruins, I spotted this lovely father and son in traditional clothes looking at the view together, and had to snap a quick photo. I love the bright colours and geometric patterns…

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Photo Friday – Iguassu Falls

This week’s Photo Friday comes from one of my favourite places in South America; the awe-inspiring Iguassu Falls. This shot was taken from the Upper Trail on the Argentina side. A post will come soon to outline the difference between the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of the falls, and what…

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Photo Friday – Fuerza Bruta

Today’s Photo Friday is a surreal shot I took at the utterly insane Fuerza Bruta in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A glass-bottomed pool was suspended from the ceiling and backlit, so that the swimmers were silhouettes above our heads and the water created beautiful patterns in the coloured light above our…

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Photo Friday – Amazon River

A fisherman sailing out into the Amazon River at the border of Colombia, Brazil and Peru – a place where we visited all three countries in under half an hour. I took this as we crossed from Leticia in Colombia to Santa Rosa in Peru, ready to take a twelve…

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