Photo Friday – Hiking in Santa Cruz, Argentina

Backpackers hiking in Patagonia

The spirit of Backpacking – by Sathish J

I cannot pin one reason as a sole motivation to backpack. It is because we yearn to get out of the physical world, get out of all the manifestations of mechanical life that seek to bind us to the ordinary, get out of the mundaneness and ubiquity that surround us everyday and to get out and explore the solace and beauty that nature has to offer…

The great outdoors like this one: a beautiful sunny day out in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina, in the famed Patagonia region. I caught up with a few backpackers crossing a soggy marshland on a narrow wooden bridge while the remarkable profile of Cerro Fitz Roy looms over the white glaciers and the green valleys in front of it. Shot this at F14, ISO 400 for 1/160s at 20mm.

Notice the trail heading up the hill in the front? It climbs 500m (1500ft) in a little over a mile – one of the steepest climbs I had ever done. But its reward: totally worth it!”

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