Five Things You Should Always Keep in your Car Boot

Five Things You Should Always Keep in your Car Boot

While some of us keep nothing at all in our car boot space, others wouldn’t be without the emergency essentials! You never know when an issue with a car could arise, so it is a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected.With the help of car specialists Eden Commercials, below are items that you should always keep in your car boot.

Fix-A-Flat Tire Inflator

Imagine you’re travelling to work early in the morning one day, and you run into a major problem – a flat tire! The last thing you need at this point is the added stress of trying to find a repair service that can help you out in short notice. One of the most helpful items to have in your car boot in a situation like this is Fix-a-Flat tire inflator. With this in your car boot, you have a temporary fix, so you don’t have to fork out for emergency repairs.

Jump Leads

Car batteries often fail without warning, and when this happens, you may be able to find a quick fix for the problem in jump leads! It’s always useful to keep these in your car boot, just in case you run into any problems on your journey.

Bottled Water

Imagine yourself in the worst possible scenario regarding both yourself and your vehicle – a car crash. You could be stranded at the side of the road, in shock and completely exhausted too. Something so basic as a bottle of water could keep you going.

Ice scraper and de-icer

Ice scrapers and de-icer spray are considered to be a seasonal requirement, but if you have them ready for when the bitter cold nights arrive, you’re less likely to be caught out. It is also good to keep a spare de-icer inside the house in case your car doors and boot are frozen shut.

First Aid Kit

Keeping a first aid kit in the boot of your car is a must. You never know when you or someone else could be involved in a vehicle accident and in need of help that basic items found in a humble first aid kit could provide.

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