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About Backpack South America

Backpack South America is a travel blog dedicated to providing detailed, up-to-date and accurate information about travelling South America on a backpacker’s budget. All advice comes from real travellers who have actually visited South America and can provide real and relevant advice that doesn’t come tainted by tour companies or influenced by guide book sales.

Tips are based on a “typical” backpacker budget – but we’re aware that budgets, travel styles and preferences vary from traveller to traveller. So, we’ll also try to feature tips with both the super-frugal traveller, and the “flashpacker”, in mind.

You can navigate to the around the site using the menu at the top. Here’s a short breakdown of the sections:

Destination Guides – What to do, where to eat, who to see, and where to stay- and how much it will cost!

How-to guides – How to get to destinations, how to cross borders, how to beat altitude sickness, how-to DIY trips without tour guides. Anything and everything you might need to know about specific trips or destinations, basically.

Reviews – Hostel, restaurant, tour company, and product reviews – all by travellers, for travellers, so you know you can trust them.

Packing Lists – Advice on what, how, and how much to pack – not just by country or destination, but also for specific trips and tours, such as the Inca Trail.

Understand – Posts all about the continent itself, covering topics like learning the language, cuisine, budget, and what to read and watch to really get to know South America.

About Emily

Emily Luxton is a full-time travel blogger focusing on solo female travel, adventure, and personal development through travel. Whether it’s eating her way around a new culture, or throwing herself into a new challenge (and out of her comfort zone), Emily is all about really getting to know the world – and having fun do it! 

Championing a deeper, slower travel style where possible, Emily tries to really get to know each new destination, and to encourage others to do the same through her blog. She’s been named “travel blogger of the year” several times since she first started out in 2014 – and continues to enjoy success as a full-time blogger and freelance writer. Emily’s work has been featured in multiple online publications, including the Telegraph, Lonely Planet, and Wanderlust Magazine, and she has contributed to two books.

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