5 Places in Argentina That you Absolutely Can’t Miss

5 Places in Argentina That you Absolutely Can’t Miss

5 Best Places in Argentina

Argentina has always been one of the most popular countries to visit in South America. From the atmosphere of Buenos Aires, to very Italian flashes, to natural beauties such as the waterfalls of Iguazu and the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, to finish with the vineyards of Mendoza and the delicious meat: there are so many places in Argentina that will leave you breathless! Although it offers places not to be missed on the coast, like Mar de Plata, we will dwell on the jewels of the hinterland and south.

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world by extension and therefore it is difficult to select only some of the things that allow you to enjoy nature, food and hospitality that this country has to offer. But let’s try it!

Top 5 Places in Argentina

Buenos Aires, the Capital

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is not the typical city where you can find unmissable attractions, and many people will tell you to just walk through its streets and get lost. But, one thing that is worth a visit is La Boca district.

La Boca District

This district is, apparently, the birthplace of Tango. It is considered the most vibrant district of the city, here in addition to the “bombonera”, stadium of the soccer El Boca team, there is a particularly famous street called “caminito” full of colorful buildings, restaurants and bars, the place is really touristy but it is a place to be.

La Boca - best places in Argentina
Colorful La Boca

Visit Mendoza

Mendoza is one of the most interesting destinations in Argentina.

It is popular among fans of high altitude sports and trekking as a base for exploring the Andes (which are located nearby) and Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America.

Mendoza - best places in Argentina

It has always been appreciated by lovers of food and wine tourism because the city is famous for its wine and olive oil, which it exports in large quantities.

Finally, it is a green city, made up of avenues, canals and is characterised by a mild climate, where even the hotels have affordable prices.

Iguazù Falls

iguassu falls argentina or brazil

If there is a place not to be missed in Argentina are definitely the Iguazù Falls: a system of 275 waterfalls with an average height of 70 meters that discharge immense amounts of water: a show that will kidnap your heart.

El Calafate and Perito Moreno

It is a small town that over the years has become a fixed stop for those visiting the Argentinean Patagonia, because about 80 km from the city is the famous glacier Perito Moreno.

Moreno Glacier - best places to visit in Argentina

You can find various types of excursions offered in the village – from hiking on the glacier to boat trips, in 4×4 or even by helicopter. Otherwise you can opt for a simple visit to the park, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, which is located in the Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia and is reputed by many, although not in the official rankings, the eighth wonder of the world.

Peninsula Valdes

The peninsula Valdes which is a UNESCO site for its unique fauna and geology. Here you can observe some colonies of penguins from October to March while from June to mid-December is the season of whales. Among the many other species there are: sea lions, seals, armadillos, guanacos, maras, grey foxes and with a bit of luck even the killer whales that attack the seals on the shore at Punta Norte in April.

Valdes Peninsula

During your trip, it is normal to feel like relaxing a bit, and Argentina also offers a not bad seaside at all. You can decide to rent a vacation home in Argentina on the Atlantic coast and go and visit the several seaside locations such as Mar de Plata, Reta, Quequén, Yuco (on the lake Lacár) and many others.

Are there any other places in Argentina that you’d add to this bucket list? Let us know in the comments! 

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