Emily Luxton is an award-winning travel blogger and writer with a special love for South America - her favourite continent and second home. A lover of slow, deep travel and really interacting with new cultures, she travels as often as possible on the hunt for new adventures.

Paraguay…What’s Hot and Not

This little-visited steamy landlocked country is a quirky country to add to your passport stamps. Nestled between Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil, but feeling more like an island, Paraguayans often remark that they feel isolated, far from the rest of the world. With no direct flights, a serious financial commitment on…

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Hiking for Adventure

Hiking is becoming extremely popular. People are increasingly turning to this pastime to get away from the pressures of life and stay fit. Many people start off slowly, perhaps by walking to and from the shops instead of taking the car. They then progress to hiking on the weekends as…

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Video: Star Jumping South America

This amazing video was made by Wade and Sarah, the lovely travelling couple behind wadeandsarah.com. Check it out for some serious South America travel inspiration, and comment here to let us know what you think! People often ask us… “Why would you quit your jobs and pack up your life,…

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