7 Tips for Solo Travelers Visiting Brazil for the First Time

7 Tips for Solo Travelers Visiting Brazil for the First Time

Having a vacation in Brazil is an experience of a lifetime. As the third largest country in the world, you can expect for Brazil to have a lot of things to offer to any traveler who wants to pay a visit. But just like traveling to any other parts of the world, there are some important things you have to keep in mind before you pack your backpack for travel and go to the airport for your flight. In this article, we list 7 tips for solo travelers visiting Brazil for the first time.

Avoid airport taxis

Most big cities in Brazil offer direct and reliable airport shuttles for not more than 40 BRL, which can help you save a lot of money, and as much as possible, try to walk to your point of destination as it is the best way to get around. Rio, Porto Alegre, and São Paulo all have effective metro systems that get you within a remarkable distance of the place you are going.

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Make sure to check the weather before booking a trip

Because Brazil is situated in the Southern hemisphere, the seasons in the country are the opposite of what it is inthe United States. The summer season in Brazil runs from late December to late March and winter season is usually on late part of June 22 to late part of September. Because the size of the country is so big, temperatures differ extensively, particularly during the winter season. You can also expect for the rainy season to come randomly throughout the years. Aside from the weather conditions, you might also want to check out the holiday schedule in order to make your trip even more enjoyable.

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Don’t drink water from the tap

Just like a lot of developing nations in the world, the sanitary conditions in Brazil are not perfect. You are able to avoid complications by making sure are drinking uncontaminated water; this means drinking bottled water and avoiding drinks from the tap and with ice. Make sure the bottle you are drinking is sealed. It is also smart to avoid eating raw vegetables unless you know it’s 100% clean.

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Snack traditionally

If you want to experience real Brazil, you have to try out their food. Make sure to focus on traditional quitutes or little, traditional dishes when traveling in the country. In Salvador, you will be able to find are dozens of street stands where women in traditional white dress known as baianas sell a carajé or a black-eyed pea fritter filled in with shrimp, a sauce known as vegetables and vatapá.

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Always be vigilant

There are a lot of benefits of traveling alone, but when it comes to drawbacks of doing so, the top of the list would always go to your safety issues. So, being vigilant and having your common sense with you when traveling in Brazil will take you’re a long way. There are tourist police were everywhere in popular tourist spots, but it pays to be watchful all the time. Make sure to have a belt bag with you where you can keep your belongings and make sure that you have it with you all the time.

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Consider visiting at this particular time of the year

Okay, not a lot of people are aware of this, but January 10 is the magic date for travelers as this is the time when Brazilian hotspots become very inexpensive. Families have emptied their vacation funds to be on the beach throughout New Year’s Day and have to start saving for Carnival. Prices go down noticeably, and hoteliers and small hotel owners welcome negotiators.

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Hire a personal guide

By simply browsing on the internet, you can find tour agencies offer personal tours around Rio whether for half-day or more than a few days. This is perfect if you don’t want to do the planning of your trip and want to save time but manage to do and see a lot. They can even set an airport pick up and hotel accommodations for you during the trip.

Traveling solo in Brazil can be a really wonderful experience due to the sites and the events that you’ll get to see and experience while you’re there. But just similar to traveling in other parts of the world, following some useful tips, especially these tips mentioned above, your trip to Brazil would be extra special. These tips not only guarantees that you will have an enjoyable trip but will make sure you will be safe.

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