best places to visit in Colombia

The next time you’re in the mood to go on an adventure and really enjoy what the world has to offer in terms of a getaway to remember, you’ll find that Colombia makes the perfect backdrop, no matter what you’re looking for. With all sorts of adventure, cultural activities, and amazing sights to see, you’ll love it just on that premise alone. Better yet, with culture comes food and music, allowing you to step into foreign kitchens and try authentic food. For the modern traveller who wants to enjoy a quality stay in a nice picturesque hotel, there’s that too. Simply put, when you want to enjoy a stay in a place that is going that is going to give you everything on your bucket list, Colombia is the “it” place.

Whether you’ve done your Google-based research, or you’re starting at square one and looking for where to go in Colombia, you’ll find all the information you need right here. With this list in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the Colombia highlights to the fullest, whatever they may be for you and your companions.

7 of the Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Below are all the major stops that you need to add to your Colombia backpacking route! From the capital to the coast, and everything in between, these are all the must-see places that capture the very best of Colombia.


You see this first on the list and you’re thinking “Hey, I knew that!”. Sure, travelling to the capital city is a must see in Colombia, but it’s more than for the sake of going there. You’ll find a series of great modern travelling favourites including an up and coming foodie scene, a series of cultural festivals that will allow you to really enjoy the rich culture within the city, and great diverse options to introduce you to live music. Worth several days in your next trip, you’ll be able to enjoy many immersive parts of Colombian culture in Bogotá.

where to go in Colombia

best places to visit in Colombia


If you’re looking for something that is going to be truly out of a romance novel or a movie, than Cartagena is absolutely the place to find that. With ancient cobbled streets from a postcard and a series of bright buildings that will catch your eye as you travel around the town and simply over whelm you in the best way possible. This is one of the most popular places to visit and with good reason. You’ll get a town nestled within over 10kms of stone walls, and since this is a UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll be able to enjoy learning all about its rich history and how it all comes up to what is being offered today to anyone who wants to see it. Rich with legends and myths, this is the ultimate daydreamer’s location.

Colombia highlights

best places to visit in Colombia


You know that coffee comes from Colombia, but if you’re looking for an alternative to the beloved Medellín, serving as the true coffee capital (more on that later), than you’ll find that Minca is a great alternative. It’s off the traditional beaten pack in comparison to the others, but it’ll give you a fun introduction to coffee and its roots while also allowing you to enjoy a lot of the charm that you’ll be seeing if you want to go to Salento. Minca is a great place to consider if you know you won’t have time for Medellín or Salento for that reason entirely. Despite your trip plans, Minca is a sight to see regardless of where you other stops are going to be.

where to go in Colombia

best places to visit in Colombia

Tayrona National Park

For an introduction to the wildlife that awaits within the borders of Colombia, Tayrona National Park is a great stop to consider especially if you are looking for the chance to go on a wildlife hunt itself. You’ll be able to trek through mildly tamed wilderness and, if you walk quietly and carefully enough, you may be able to capture some sights of the common animals in the forest including monkeys! There are some great beaches within the Park, of course, but they do take a bit of effort to get to. While it will keep some of the more half-hearted tourists away, it also means that you’ll have to really want to get there in order to actually get there!

where to go in Colombia

best places to visit in Colombia

Both images by Christian Holzinger 


When looking at places to visit in Colombia you know that you’re going to be looking for a good dose of nature and urban life, but what if you could get it all in one spot? If this is something that you’re looking for so that you can use one spot as your base and explore all parts of it to the fullest, than Medellín is the perfect option. It’s the coffee capital and will offer you all sorts of adventures related to coffee and its history, but you’re also going to be able to enjoy an adventurous time with all of the places to hike around with the nature that is waiting for you. Great for historical lovers, hikers and modern city-goers, this has something for everyone.

colombia highlights

best places to visit in Colombia
Street art in Medellin

El Valle, Choco

For something entirely otherworldly, you’ll find nothing better than El Valle, Choco. This is a beach town and offers its own introduction to the strongest Afro-Colombian influence within Colombia. You’ll be able to really learn about the tribal life and all parts of the rich history that makes this nature-baed exploratory experience a sight to see. For those that want an immersive experience, this is going to be the ideal choice. The highlight is the baby turtle hatching season, which always brings a crowd of excited turtle lovers to enjoy this miracle.

where to go in Colombia

best places to visit in Colombia
Humpback whale off the coast from El Valle

Amazon River (Leticia)

To enrich your life with the history of Colombia in its roots, you’ll never be satisfied without a walk within the wilds along the Amazon River. While those city slickers wouldn’t consider it one of the Colombia highlights, it’s something that is absolutely a must see in Colombia because it offers the traditional rich beauty that you just can’t find anywhere else. With Native guides to help you take it all in this is a great option for those that want to really take in both the natural and historical side of things.

where to go in Colombia

best places to visit in Colombia

When you’re looking for places to visit in Colombia, there are going to be a lot more options than you would have thought. While it makes choosing the best places harder, it means that everything you choose is going to offer you something different. The only trick now is going to be figuring out where to go in Colombia in terms of a starting point and how to take it all in during one trip!

What do you think? Did I miss any of the best places to visit in Colombia? Scroll down to leave us a comment! 

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Best Places to Visit in Colombia


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