8 Cool Things to Do in Bogotá Colombia

8 Cool Things to Do in Bogotá Colombia

8 cool things to do in Bogota

When you pack your bags and head to the airport, you know that there’s going to be a world of options waiting for you within the borders of rich Colombia. But what about the details? How are you going to make sure that you get everything possible out of your trip to Bogotá, so you feel like you didn’t leave a thing out?

To help you make sure that you are prepared, we have a brilliant round up that’s going to show you a little bit of everything when it comes to Bogotá highlights or even unique things to do in Bogotá. Keep reading to see how it’s all going to come together to offer you the best possible time in Colombia’s capital…

8 Cool Things to do in Bogotá

Museo del Oro

Whether you’re someone who enjoys art or not, the Museo del Oro is a fantastic thing to consider. One of the top Bogotá highlights, this museum is going to show you all sorts of exhibits – all of them featuring this element. With a proper tour, you’ll get an appreciation for the rich history behind the gold artwork and why it is the wonder that it is today. Great for art lovers or just culture lovers.

things to do in bogota colombia

Cerro Monserrate

For adventurours looking for things to do in Bogotá, Cerro Monserrate is a must-do. In fact, it’s a must-do for anyone that really wants to enjoy one of the best views in Bogotá. You can take the cable car up the mountain so that you won’t need to worry about an impossible hike, and you can enjoy this by day, or have a look at Bogotá at night. Regardless of which time you choose, you’ll be granted with powerful metropolitan view that’s sure to take your breath away. You’ll also be able to enjoy a few great restaurants on top, so you can grab a meal with a view and then continue on your tour of Bogotá fully fuelled.

Monserrate Bogota view

Bogotá Street Art Tour

While it may seem like one of the weirder things to do in Bogotá, you’ll find that this is a very popular tourist attraction for all of the right reasons. Graffiti has a hit and miss reputation, but it can be a totally enriching experience if you know where to look.

things to do in bogota colombia

You’ll find all of the best stuff by taking a street art tour. Experienced guides will show you the best options for graffiti so that you can get some memorable photos and feel as though you are taking in all of the rich sights that Bogotá can offer, whether you had planned on them or not.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Bogota street art tour.

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Parque Simon Bolivar

If you’ve ever been to New York City and to Central Park, then Parque Simon Bolivar is an absolute must-see. This is a sophisticated park right in the middle of Bogotá and it is going to offer you all sorts of sights including a swimming pool, gym, sauna and more. All nested within the refreshing greenery, this is a great way to make sure that you get a look at the natural side of this industrial city while making sure that you don’t need to go out of your way in order to do it. Definitely one of the things to do in Bogotá if you’re looking for a quiet afternoon to unwind before hitting rhe track again, this offers a little bit of everything.

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Along that same lines, you’ll find that you are going to find all sorts of fantastic options for the eyes and tastebuds waiting for you within Chapinero. This is one of the most popular neighbourhoods within Bogotá and it will give you a true introduction to the culture with it gorgeous architecture wonders and bright colours that will have you snapping photo after photo. For the adventurer who is on the hunt for cafes and a great bohemian vibe, this is a great place to get it all in one spot so that you can get your meandering done in the right place to do it.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Chapinero walking tour.

La Candelaria

Within the heart of the city, La Candelaria is going to offer great architecture that you will be able to enjoy without having to travel far to get there. It’ll be great for starting things off on the right foot. Or finishing them off with the right kind of detailing that will make for great memories. This is also great if you want to try Bogota at night without leaving the heart of the city. With bright lights and its central location, it’ll offer some fantastic views and a great metropolitan feel.

things to do in bogota colombia

Colombian Coffee Tour

If you’re addicted to this delicious drink, you aren’t alone. In fact, an option of choice on the list of the unique things to do in Bogotá, a coffee tour is going to be fantastic. It’ll take you to all of the best spots to get a hit of whatever is popular there and it’ll also help you to find out what your favourite tastes are without having to buy a lot of it. Ideal for when you are going to be looking to invest in unique coffee blends, too. So, grab your favourite coffee lover and head out for this Colombian Coffee Tour. You may be hyped on caffeine for 3 days, but it’ll totally be worth it.


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Jardín Botánico de Bogotá

A favourite amongst travellers and one of the unique things to do in Bogotá, you’ll love the Jardín Botánico de Bogotá for its natural beauty and the fact that it is easy to get to. You can wander amongst the garden for hours and focus on the warm aromatic scents as well as the bright colours that are going to have you snapping photos right, left, and centre. Definitely a stop to consider if you are a gardener, this is going to offer refreshing views and a great lull in your adventure to stop and smell the roses, amongst other things.

things to do in bogota colombia

Regardless of what appeals to you the most on this list, Bogotá has got all sorts of options waiting for you to take hold of them. All you need to do is pack a bag and go to enjoy them for yourself. You’ll find that it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime and it will have you wanting to go back again and again.

What would you add to this list of things to do in Bogotá? Scroll down to leave a comment with your favourite spots in the city! 

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