How to Travel From Panama to Colombia

how to travel from panama to colombia

Steph from Big World Small Pockets shares her extensive research into the difficult question of how to travel from Panama to Colombia – giving five options to avoid the dangerous Darian Gap…

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Pearls of Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldona, Peru

Puerto Maldonado is a town bordering on the edge of the Amazon jungle – one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet. It is relatively accessible however if you compare it to other Amazon jungle locations. From Cusco, for example, you have the choice of a ½ hour…

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Top Five Things To Do in Ecuador

Ecuador is home to many things including active volcanoes, cool animals, beautiful weather due to the equator location, planetariums and much more. Thanks to being the home of the center of the world, you’ll be able to experience warm weather, hot sun all topped off with a tropical breeze. Take…

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Your Questions Answered – Is Colombia Safe?

Your Questions Answered: Melody got in touch to ask “Is Colombia Safe?” and we gave her a pretty long answer – with crime figures and official government advice, plus input from fellow travellers based on real-life experiences.

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