Top Five Things To Do in Ecuador

Top Five Things To Do in Ecuador

things to do in ecuador

Ecuador is home to many things including active volcanoes, cool animals, beautiful weather due to the equator location, planetariums and much more. Thanks to being the home of the center of the world, you’ll be able to experience warm weather, hot sun all topped off with a tropical breeze. Take a peek at what you can experience by checking out the top 5 things to do in Ecuador.

Swim With The Sea Lions

Did you ever think it was possible? Well now it is! In Ecuador, you’re able to cruise the Galapagos Islands and even go swimming with the sea lions. You can also check out the habitats of the Blue Foot boobies and even learn how the volcanoes of this island formed what Ecuador is today. But be prepared: not always, but sometimes, you’re able to see a hammerhead shark when you’re swimming with the flocks of sea lions.

You’ll fall in love with the turquoise waters and how crystal clear they are. The always-sunny skies and ocean breeze will bring a tropical comfort as your sailing the Island of Ecuador.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Not quite, but almost! Ecuador is literally the middle of the Earth, or where the latitude is 00° 00′ 00″. You can take a picture in front of the infamous sign with a beautiful landscape behind. Also known as the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, it’s also a museum and even has a planetarium, restaurants and musical events every weekend.

There has been never-ending banter about whether or not it’s the center of the Earth because of the way the equator lies, all thanks to modern day GPS. There are many different marks for the equator in Ecuador like statues, lines and more in different areas.

Mountain Biking on the Cotopaxi Volcano

If you’re a lover of thrill, this next adventure may be for you. At Ecuador’s 2nd highest volcano as well as one of the active ones of the world, you’re able to mountain bike down it! It’s not too far from Quito, where you’re able to swim with sea lions. This volcano is 4,500 meters above sea level and you can have a speedy trip back to 3,300 meters above sea level.

Don’t worry! You won’t have to ride the bike up the mountain, as you’ll drive up first and then head down on the mountain bike of your choosing. Before you head down, you may want to take a look around. Beyond the volcano scenery, this area is a wildlife refuge. You can even book trips with a guide that includes lunch as well!

So now you may be wondering how often does the Cotopaxi volcano erupt? Between 1742-1877, they had their most action. But after 2002, levels of activity increased without eruption. The last known full eruption was in 1942, although the volcano is still classified as active due to the amount of years between the eruption and the fumarolic activity that still goes on.

The Beautiful Amazon Jungle

You too can visit the Quilotoa Crater in Ecuador. This area of Ecuador is statistically cheaper than any other South American region that allows you to visit the Amazon. Visit the rainforest; see the wildlife as well as the native people to the area. Take a step back from your normal city life and take an inexpensive trip to view how other parts of the world exist without technology.

The Amazon jungle is best explored with a group, as it can be somewhat dangerous travelling alone. Birdwatch and even see some of the bigger animals including sloths, armadillos, puffbirds, Felidae cats, weasels and more! There are dozens upon dozens of types of birds as well. Make sure to bring your camera and capture the beauty of the wildlife.

Visiting the Banos

Maybe the rainforest isn’t for you and you’re not the best at mountain biking. Thanks to Banos in Ecuador, you’re able to enjoy the beautiful beach that is right near Tungurahua volcano. This beach is so close to the volcano that when it erupts, you can see lava! But at this beach, you’re able to whitewater raft, paraglide, swing on bridges, hot springs and much more.

Of course there are plenty other things to do in Banos besides visit the beach. You can visit local pizzerias, stunning religious sites and different biking trails near the Tungurahua volcano where you don’t have to bike 1100 meters down!

Doesn’t Ecuador sound like one of the most fun places to visit on vacation? Banos was the home to the Inca Empire in 1534, so don’t wait on learning the history while exploring the beautiful sites it comes with. Adventure awaits in the land of beautiful weather, beaches, rainforests and volcanoes. There are even places to learn to surf the beautiful waters of Ecuador with the volcano as your background.

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