Video: Backpack the Galapagos

Video: Backpack the Galapagos


This amazing video all about the Galapagos was made by awesome travelling duo Travel Bugs, who run a really cool You Tube channel with videos about all their adventures. Check it out for some brilliant wildlife footage and exciting underwater shots which have really got us thinking about a trip to Ecuador soon! Warning, watching this video may induce dangerously high levels of wanderlust.

We are not hippies nor hipsters. Just two people madly in love who want to see and do it all.” Travel Bugs

We’ve asked Travel Bugs to write a guest post for us, so hopefully we’ll be able to share some more content from them soon. In the meantime, enjoy the video and follow @fitzgeraldeamon on Instagram for some very cool photography. And if you have a great Guest Post suggestion for Backpack South America, see the Write For Us section and get in touch.

Want more information about backpacking in the Galapagos? Don’t miss Andrea’s guest post on How to Budget for the Galapagos for some great tips!

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