Chalten Travel, Patagonia

Chalten Travel (Argentina)

Can you really say that you have been to Argentina if you don’t go to Patagonia? The obvious answer here is “no”. While some readers will be independent travellers on a budget tChalten Travel, Patagoniahat have months to explore a place and search for the best deals, some others prefer asking specialised agencies to organise their tours, whether they are hikes, bus tours, adventures, etc. One company in Argentina is particularly good at adding the extra adventure factor and will turn your visit in Patagonia into a real fun experience. It is called Chalten Travel and it has offices in a number of cities, including Puerto Madryn, Ushuaia, El Calafate and Bariloche. It has a huge experience in the Patagonian argentine market, and it has been working for more than 10 years now.

It offers a wide range of tours, to satisfy all kind of travellers, from the most adventurous ones to those seeking more of a relaxing day. Chalten Travel, PatagoniaWhether you want to go see the penguins at Punta Tombo and need a ride and a guide to go there, or want to see the dolphins in their natural environment in Peninsula Valdes; whether you want to hike Tierra del Fuego or freeze on a trek of the Perito Moreno glaciar; whether you want to experience windy Estancia Christina and take a view of the various glaciars, or are curious to cross the border into Chile and walk around (and risk flying with the wind in) Torres del Paine, or even if you want to experience the mystic Route 40, joining Bariloche Perito Moreno, El Chalten and El Calafate accompanied by extraordinary landChalten Travel, Patagoniascape and an unforgettable adventure trip, Chalten travel will have something for you. Each excursion can be geared to your liking – a guided bus tour for extra comfort, a trekking for more adventure. Prices vary depending on what tour you pick.

Services are spot on: good, competent and caring bilingual guides (English and Spanish) are ready to help should you happen to feel sick or have problems while on the tour; buses are comfortable. The good news is that their website ( is very well organised and you can browse around for the tour you like and even book it in advance, well before travelling.

Chalten Travel, Patagonia

Chalten Travel, Patagonia

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