Review – Colombian Bike Junkies, San Gil

Review – Colombian Bike Junkies, San Gil

Colombia Bike Junkies

If you are an adventure seeker, you have a choice of about a million places to go to in Colombia. It surely depends on the kind of adventure you are looking for. San Gil is definitely THE place for extreme sports and you can easily fill up your days there with all sorts of activities, from rafting to rappelling, torrentismo (rappelling down a waterfall), horse riding, paragliding, caving, mountain biking, and so much more.

If you like mountain biking, Colombian Bike Junkies will offer you the most incredible experience Colombia Bike Junkiesadventure, extreme sports and nature lovers can have in Colombia. So much so that I even think there is hardly any need to read the review and you could just skip to the booking phase.

Ok now… back to being serious. Here is what you should expect:

Expect to have an amazing day. Colombian Bike Junkies ( take their job very seriously, so you will be riding perfectly kept bikes. When you book the tour, you will be asked where you want to have the front and back Colombia Bike Junkiesbreaks, and even a meal preference (yes: a delicious lunch, snacks such as fresh fruit and home baked cookies and water are all included, as well as a “well done” beer after finishing) and your size, as at the end of the day you will be given a t-shirt that will always remind you of this great adventure.

You will have an experienced guide at the front, who will be there to explain you how the bike functions, to help if you have any technical problems, to describe the surroundings and the path that Colombia Bike Junkiesyou are following, and to snap pictures of you at key places. Pictures will be sent to your email, so you don’t even have to worry about having to snap up what you see or to carry a camera. Another person will be riding a jeep at the very back, to make sure that nobody gets lost (it is a long way!) or that again, if there are problems with the bike (such as flat tires) he can fix them.

The first part of the day is the most adventurous: going downhill along a technical path, it will be breathtaking and challenging for non-experts, yet a lot of fun. After the lunch break, the path is an Colombia Bike Junkieseasier, slightly uphill 16 km road. The overall ride is of about 50 km. The day will be tiring, but by the end of it, when you get to have that beer at the tienda before getting back on the jeep to ride back to San Gil, you will be covered in dust, sweat and what not, your body will ache, you will wear a big fat smile on your face.

The trip lasts all day (by which I mean ALL day – do not expect to be back before dark!) and it costs around 60 dollars. Ok, that is not really cheap but it possibly is the best spent money of your trip to Colombia and it is worth saving on other things to embark on this adventure. Overall great value for money, great professional company, great people, amazing day.

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