Review – Salta Rafting, Argentina

Review – Salta Rafting, Argentina

Salta Rafting

Salta Rafting (Argentina)

Salta is located in the North West of Argentina, in the spectacular Andean region. The setting is gorgeous and it is a great place to visit for adventure lovers seeking that extra kick. Salta Rafting ( managed to make me live what I still considered one of the most fun days I have ever had in my life. It was Valentine’s day in 2012, and my sister, her Salta Raftingboyfriend and I had decided it was a good time to go on an adventure. We walked in the offices of Salta Rafting in Salta and paid for a rafting expedition which would take place in the morning, and a zip lining tour (we opted for the 9 lines, rather than the shorter 3 lines tour) in the afternoon.

We were given instructions to carry a change of clothes, a swimsuit, a towel and all the necessary stuff to shower. Our bags ready, we went to the meeting point in Salta at 8 am the day after, we boarded a minibus and started driving towards base camp, located at the heart of Juramento River’s gorge known as Peñas Blancas, within a short distance from the majestic Cabra Corral Dam. Two hours and a bit of a bumpy ride later,  we were Salta Raftingwelcomed by the staff, and offered coffee. Soon after, we were given wetsuits and asked to go get changed in the perfectly kept changing rooms. We then had to go get helmets and carry our dinghy and paddles to shore, where we were given instructions on safety measures (guides spoke both English and Spanish). We soon boarded – a labrador named Remo who lived at the base camp decided he was going to raft with us. Our group consisted of four dinghies, making it all more fun. Rowing was challenging, tiring, and so much fun. And to top things off, we had a person who would row in front of us in a kayak to snap pictures of key moments. What more could we ask for?

An hour and a half later, exhausted, we reached the finish line and we boarded a bus to get back to base camp. While on the bus we were offered snaSalta Rafting cks and drinks. Once at base camp, we all went to shower and we were then invited to have asado – traditional Argentinian barbecue. It was a great lunch: lots of meat, salads, bread and rice, drinks and what not. And it was included in the price of the rafting.

But our day was not over yet! Soon after lunch, we boarded another bus, to reach the starting point from where we would have to hike up to get to the first zip line. All buckled up, after a brief explanation on how to break and how to position the body while on the launch, we started. And this was aSalta Raftingn even bigger adrenaline rush. Picture long jumps above a canyon: the longest launch was 600 meters, it crossed the river, and it was 200 meters high. The view from up there was impressive.

When we finally made it down, back to base line, we were tired but so very happy. A beer and a bit of resting later, we boarded the minibus back to Salta. It was an exhausting day, yet amazing: the roughly 100 dollars paid for the whole package (rafting, zip lining, transportation, lunch and snacks) was totally worth it. Highly recommended!

An Italian human rights lawyer, animal lover and academic, Claudia is more than anything a traveller who craves to see the world. On November, she decided that it was time to live and embarked on a 6 months trip through Central and South America, which changed her life and gave her the final input to live as a writing nomad. Her mission is to let people dream through her travels, providing guidance and inspiration to other backpackers. You can follow her adventures through or through her facebook page My Adventures Across the World.

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