If you’re heading to more than one South American country, you may need more than one travel adaptor as each country is different. There’s a full list below of the exact requirements for each country, but if you’re travelling throughout the continent I travelplugrecommend the fantastic World Wide Travel Adaptor. It’s a super handy gadget that converts a UK plug into three different plug types – Type A, the American style two pronged plug (the prongs can also be adjusted to switch to Type I, as used in Australia), Type C, the Northern European rounded two pin and Type E, the Southern European rounded two pin. These three plug types can be used in over 150 countries; including most South American countries.

The three plug adaptors slot together into one long block, which takes up a lot less space than three or four separate plugs would! You can also take out the end/middle sections and leave them behind if they won’t be needed. If yotravel plug adaptor u’re heading to poorer countries, like Bolivia, or rural areas, the electricity supply isn’t always reliable and may spike, so the World Wide Travel Adaptor comes with a surge guard. Although the Masterplug doesn’t convert voltage, this shouldn’t be a problem, because most new electronics are able to support both voltages anyway – although it’s always a good idea to check the power input details on your device before plugging it in. If, like my Chromebook, it says 100-240V~50-60hz; you’re good to go!

Outlet types used across South America

Argentina – Voltage 220V, Frequency 50Hz

May use either the standard European rounded two prong plug (Type C), or the 3 prong plug used in Australia (Type I).

Bolivia – 220V, 50Hz

Same as the USA (Type A).

Brazil – Depending on the region, voltage might be 115 V, 127 V, or 220V.

Brazil uses a number of different outlets, some areas use a European round pronged outlet (Type C), others the American two/three pronged outlet (Type A).

Chile – 220V, 50Hz

European two prong plug (Type C) as well as a third rounded prong plug (Type L).

Colombia – 120V, 60Hz

Same as USA (Type A).

Ecuador – 120V, 60Hz

Same as USA (Type A).

French Guiana – 220V, 50Hz

European two prong plug (Type C) or the French two pin (Type E).

Guyana – 120V, 60Hz

Same as USA (Type A).

Paraguay – 220, Freqency 50Hz.

European two prong plug (Type C).

Peru – 220V, 60Hz (some areas may be 50Hz)

Either the American two prong plug (Type A) or the European (Type C). Many outlets have been designed to accept both types of plug.

Suriname – 220-240V

European two prong plug (Type C).

Uruguay – 230V, 50Hz

Either the European rounded two prong plug (Type C) or the three pronged plug used in Australia (Type I).

Venezuela – 120V, 60Hz

Same as USA (Type A).

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