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Backpack South America is an informative travel advice site all about South America. The idea is to share real advice from real travellers, covering as much information as possible, and we need guest bloggers to help with that. If you’ve travelled anywhere in South America, we’d love to here from you, just check out the rough guidelines below for what we’re looking for.

We want real, relevant and up-to-date information from backpackers, for backpackers – so if you have tips, advice or helpful information about any destination in South America, please get in touch!

You can reach us on – just use the subject BSA Guest Post and we’ll get back to you asap. NB – please make sure you’re happy with the terms at the bottom of this page.

What We’re Looking For

How-to guides – Things like “how to budget for Santiago”, “how to save money in Buenos Aires”, “how to get from Colombia to Peru on the Amazon River”, or “how to get to Tayrona Park”. Articles should be clear, informative, and as detailed as possible. Check out this post as an example. 

Destination Guides – What to do, where to eat, what to see, and where to stay for a specific destination – and how much it will cost! Destinations should be individual towns/cities/sites rather than whole countries. Other article types might also fit in here, so if you have a different suggestion that’s fine too!

Hiking and walking guides – We want detailed routes for walking tours around cities and other destinations, and hiking routes out in the countryside – things to help travellers not to fork out needlessly for tour guides on hikes that can easily be done alone.

Food and drink – Restaurant reviews, guides to cuisine by country/city/region, even recipes, as well as funny/lighthearted posts like top fives. We’re also very interested in exciting/remarkable posts containing lesser-known information like recommendations for the best top-secret local restaurants, rather than stuff that’s easily found on Lonely Planet.

Listicles and “Top Tens” -The popular list post format, preferably relating to fascinating/new information (top five unvisited beaches), or really useful information like the top five Spanish schools in South America. We’re also interested in more light-hearted or funny lists – suggestions are welcome.

Off the Beaten Path – Any posts about good places which are less frequented by tourists are always welcome – either a list of great places in a certain country, or a more in-depth look at one destination. Please try to include as much info about getting there and what to expect as possible! Check out this guest post as an example.

Machu Picchu – We have packing lists and ‘what to expect’ articles like this one about the Inca Trail and the Inca Jungle Trail, but we’re very keen to grow the Machu Picchu section with posts on all the other trails and on getting there independently. So if you took a DIY trek, the train, the Salkantay trek or any other route to MP, let me know!

Packing Lists – Not just by country or destination, but also for specific trips and tours like this post on packing for the the four day Inca Jungle Trip to Machu Picchu. Packing lists aimed at a particular “style” of backpacker would also be very welcome – i.e something about how to pack light but still look fashionable!

Anything else – We’re pretty open to all suggestions, so if you have a great idea for anything at all South America related, then let us know and we’ll see if it fits!

Who We’re Writing For

Typically, advice should be aimed at ‘average’ backpackers – so with budget, long-term travel in mind. 

However, we’d also like to include tips for ‘flashpackers’, the kind of travellers who prefer a little more luxury and maybe pack more clothes than camping gear. There’s no right or wrong way to travel, in our book, so we want to include advice for backpackers of all kinds.

That also means that we want posts/advice aimed at the super-frugal style backpackers (the ones somehow living off $5 a day). 

If you’re not aiming your advice at ‘average’ backpackers, just make sure you make it clear what sort of budget/travel style your post is aimed at!

BSA Guest Posting Terms

Please note that while relevant web addresses can be included in guest articles, no commercial hyperlinks (to sites that sell things) will be allowed. 

We need photos where possible – these need to be decent quality, above 500px, and can be watermarked if you want. If you don’t have any photos of your own, we can find some stock images or Flickr photos to use! 

Please include a profile picture and a short author bio of a few lines – in the third person. You can link back to your own blog and social media pages – but not to any commercial websites. Bio will be included at the bottom of the post.

Finally – BSA reserve the right to edit the post within reason, as we’ll need to update things like prices or addresses if they change. We want this blog to stay current, so that it’s a good source of information for travellers. But we promise not to change more than facts. 

If you’re happy with all that and have some ideas, send a pitch to Please include the following info:

  • Subject heading: BSA Guest Post
  • Your name and travel blog (if you have one)
  • What you’d like to write about

We look forward to hearing from you!